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Jessica Jensen, MA, LPC, PC, PF       

I had the privilege of serving our local community as an educator for 16 years with 11 of those being a Professional School Counselor. My experience and skill set has allowed me to help individuals in many different aspects of their lives. I love what I did daily in the school setting and now wish to extend these services to anyone in need as a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

Working with children and adolescents has been a primary focus of mine as we problem-solve through an array of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, and post-secondary planning. I also find joy in working with adults who are experiencing similar issues including divorce and marital dilemmas.  Holding a certification in mediation and arbitration, I specialize in conflict resolution.

As a servant leader of my community, I strive to build trusting relationships with my clients for them to achieve their highest potential. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please feel free to contact me. It is a privilege to provide you with the services you need whether it is with me or another counseling professional.

My areas of specialization include:

  • Child, Adolescent and Adult
  • Life Transitions
  • Career Counseling

Contact Information: (979)221-8749

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